Beating The Algorithm in 2018

Let’s Kick Some Instagram A** in 2018

Frustrated with the Instagram Algorithm? Yeah, we feel you. While the switch in 2016 wasn’t easy for small business owners to get behind, the changes ahead were to (quote, un-quote) help us get seen.

Getting people to see your posts is far from easy, though! In 2016, Instagram shared some of their tips with Business Insider, including: direct shares, timeliness, engagement, relationships and profile searches.

If only it were that easy…

Trust us when we say, we feel your pain. As business owners, we become the marketing specialist, accountant, social media strategist, artist, and maker of all things. No wonder we are overwhelmed!

That’s why we’ve created some helpful tips to mastering the algorithm in 2018!

Focus on Engagement

By focusing on engagement, you can raise the potential for your posts to be seen. Call to Actions (CTA’s) are a great way to engage your audience for better growth in 2018! Ask your followers to double tap, like, or comment on your posts. There’s no shame in our Insta-game!

What exactly should you focus on? Try these:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Likes on Comments
  • Post Saves
  • DM’s
  • Sending a Post through DM’s

IG Relationships Are a 2 Way Street

You read that right. How do you expect to build an audience if they are talking to themselves? Make sure you are active on your feed by commenting and liking other peoples posts as well! And don’t forget: Whenever somebody takes the moment to comment on your post, you should say hey back!

Stay Interesting

If you’ve shown interest in a certain profile through the IG search bar, Instagram starts showing these profiles higher up in your feed! Instagram wants to show relevant content to their users without them having to even seek it out! If you appear in others search bars, or your post is shared via direct message, your engagement will be boosted.

Quality vs Quantity

While this goes without saying… we are saying it anyways! Stop worrying about posting every single day. Instead, shift your focus to posting quality content that speaks directly to your target audience. Keep relevant your topics and talk to a niche audience! By narrowing down your audience, Instagram will better understand which user’s feeds coincide with your content!

Use #AllTheHashtags

To grow your audience, you have to get your content seen. Using hashtags that relate to your content allows you to become more discoverable by nearly 12%! One of the big changes in 2018 is that users can even following certain hashtags!

Want More?

Jules Solomon gave some great hacks for the upcoming trends for 2018!

Use of Hashtags will see changes and those who follow hashtags will see positive results

Instagram’s algorithm picks and chooses some of the highlights from hashtag collections you follow so they can surface on your main feed! By following certain hashtags, you are segmenting the information you want seen as you scroll! For businesses, this allows your content to be seen by the hashtags you are using to help broaden your audience! Get to using them, friends!

The Algorithm is actually going to favor business owners/business accounts

This is a new one y’all! Facebook (the parent company of Instagram) uses promoted posts to make money! Simple as that. It was only a matter of time that Instagram would be working to do the same! Only businesses accounts can make promoted posts, so they are switching gears to favor these accounts to build more revenue on their end.

Comments with 4 or more words count as engagement

These need to be real words. Seriously, emojis don’t count! Only comments with four or more words will count as real engagement in IG’s eyes! Think about this when you’re adding a CTA (call to action) to your posts. Get your followers to engage with four words or more!

All hashtags should be in the caption, not the comment section

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags throughout a single post. In 2018 hashtags outside of your original caption will be “ghosted” after an hour. This means your hashtags will disappear!! If you’re spending the time coming up with them, you want them to stay! Intersperse them throughout your post, and also post them at the end for the hashtags to be useful.

Don’t edit your caption for 24 hours after initial posting

Yep, this is real. We’ve learned to write our captions out in a note on our phones before posting (we have no shame, y’all!) By doing this, you cut way down on the number of times you have to go back in and edit the caption. Consequently, editing your caption “resets” your photo in the algorithm, and no longer counts your previous likes and comments. This can absolutely crush your post’s performance.


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