Let’s Crush These Goals, Shall We?

2018, we are about to make you our B* (Kidding… but really!)

What are we setting our sights towards in 2018? Well, we’re spilling all the deets (and encouraging you to set some big goals for yourself, too!) Oh, and we’ve added in some quotes to help pack a punch.

We Are Making Time

Time to grow our business, time to invest in ourselves, time to be present, time to be with our people. We want more time, because that’s our biggest currency this year!

We Are Going For It

This is the year of bold actions. Life’s too short to not do what you love. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that God always provides.

We Are Launching A Course (A Damn Good One!)

No, seriously. We’ve created purpose-filled brands in the past, and we know just how good it can be for businesses. We’ve scaled our processes and found a way to share it with the masses. You deserve some goodness, too!

We Are Deciding To Give More Than We Take

In free content, in free education, in free tips and tricks. In every way possible, we want to extend encouragement and education to help others go after it. This also applies to our personal lives, and carving out time to really give back in big ways.

We Are Letting Ourselves Be In The Now

This year, we decided that our past as no hold on our future. We are resting easy in the now, and enjoying all of the reward that comes with hard work.

Father Let Our Hearts Be After You,


We're Kels + Lauren.
We believe in chasin’ dreams, passionately serving others, and yes, the power of a strong cup of coffee. 

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