The Secret To Converting Followers

The Best Brands Are Built On Stories

We all work hard to grow our following on social media. Yet, we still sit back wondering why our posts are falling flat. What is it that we aren’t doing, that others are? We curate beautiful feeds with awesome visuals. We use #allthehashtags. And then we sit back, hopeful that others see how awesome our products/services/we are.

Friends, we are here to give you the secret to growing actual engagement with your followers/hopeful clients… it’s called Storytelling.

Your words have the power to captivate your audience and compels them to take investment into your brand and business! If you want to convert followers to become cheerleaders of your brand, we encourage you to really explore the words and stories that you are sharing with your audience!

Learning how to share your story behind your business and your personal life is everything. The words you choose to share with your audience positions you to become relatable and allows for others to understand why you do what you do. When we tell our stories and share meaningful words, we are secretly sharing the very thing that makes our products and services so kick a** to begin with!

Storytelling is essential to harnessing connection with your current audience, as well as your opportunity to attract an entirely new audience (and keep them, too!) Meet them where they hang out, but make sure you’re also speaking their language!


We’ve got 4 tips to ask yourself before making a post!


Who is this post serving?

Does this post serve somebody other than yourself?

What is the intention behind the post?

Are you trying to sell something, share your life, share your work, teach something? Define what your goal is with the post. It’s okay if some posts are just for light-heartedness and humor. But, for the majority of your posts, define the reason you are wanting to share with others!

Is your caption creating conversation?

Are your followers able to respond or talk with you?  If you don’t spark conversation with your followers, how do you expect to build relationships with them? Speak their language, and remember it’s a two-way street when it comes to engagement!

Is this post true to YOU?

At the end of the day, you are your biggest (most unique) selling point! Keep your words and your style true to you. And don’t be afraid to stand in your own lane!


Last year, we read Building A Brand Story by Donald Miller. In this book, Donald Miller explains his incredible method for connecting customers with businesses so they can truly understand their products, ideas or services. We can’t recommend this book enough to figuring out your brand’s story, and learning how to share it with your followers!



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